Why have two blogs?  I have a blogger and a tumblr.  I keep the blogger for more organized thoughts and stories.  Tumblr is more for the short and sweet stuff.  

(You guys should feel privileged to be able to read my short thoughts.  They are quite genius if I do say so myself.)

Anyway, I am just a day closer to going to California for more military training.  I would rather not go since this is a reserve unit and half of the guys aren’t ready for war, but what the heck?  It could be fun, right?  I hope so.  It may give me some more material for this movie script I have been writing.

I am also in search of a reliable vehicle.  I have seen many cars, but the insurance rates for cars are out of this world.  I knew there was a reason I liked trucks more!  An SUV would be more ideal, though, considering I need to carry camera gear in all sorts of weather climates due to storm chasing and shooting models on rainy days. I guess we will see what I find :).

Again, this is just a random thought post.  No organization required for tumblr.  

Newest post on my blog.  Hopefully you like it!

I get to pack and go back home. I have missed it but have made some new friends. I cannot wait to start back to my lifting routine. Gotta bulk up and get back to doing regular maintenance.

I also have this nutrition/fitness blog I am working on to release. It will be released sometime next week. It will be free information. Also, you will see my progress on my own body and I will offer workout plans to those that feel they want to better themselves… All for free! Lol. How could it get any better, right?

I hope you all have a blessed day! And I have 99 followers…. Who will be 100?

So, I have two new links located at the top of my blog.  One is my PhotoBlog and the other is my Facebook Page for my Photography.  I will be adding a fitness link soon with a blog about my fitness coming with workouts and healthy eating tips. 

Also in the works, is a Youtube Channel for those of you that want to cook healthy foods. These foods will mostly be for the people with allergies such as myself and my significant other (just a fancy way of saying girlfriend).  We always say, “if you can feed people with allergies, you can feed anyone!”

Last but not least, I am thinking about making a new theme for this Tumblr.  I am not a graphic designer, but I figured I could dabble a little bit into designing a tumblr blog.  What do you guys think?

I am going to use this to show my personal and professional photography with my actual camera.  That way, you guys see more than just my instagram and can see what I do from day to day :).

I am finishing up my blog on blogger.com and posting the first post. I hope that many of my followers will read it. I plan on using that as my official photography blog.

However, I am debating on whether or not I should use blogger for my fitness blog or create a new fitness blog on here. Either way, it will not be THIS one. This will be used for my social statuses and instagram. I will be updating this to let everyone know what is going on with my other blogs.

If you have any thoughts, hit me up with the ask thing or leave your interesting comments on this post.

Thank you! I hope you all are doing well! Jesus Loves You!

To everyone who has followed me so far! I wish I knew this many people in real life! I know itis only 92 people, but I want to get to know every last one of you!

In other news, I am going to start another blog on blogspot for my photography. Here is mostly where I post my instagram stuff, and I will update this one regularly with motivation and “I want a woman” posts.

With that said, thank you and message me anytime you want to talk and whatnot!

Thinking about finally beginning my fitness blog. I have to sleep on it. I also would like to add some of my creative stories. What do you guys think? Would you read either one?