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Working out is one of the pleasures I have in this life. I have been working with heavier weight and started incorporating chains into my workouts. Chains work on your explosiveness, or so I have been told, and I must say it is amazing.

Here is the layout:

Bench Press - Warm up with light weight for 15 reps
Set #1: 10 reps; with chain
Set #2: 8 reps; with chain
Set #3: 6 reps; with chain

Incline Bench Press - Warm up with light weight for 15 reps
Set #1: 10 reps; with chain
Set #2: 8 reps; with chain
Set #3: 6 reps; with chain

Dumb Bell - Warm up with light weight for 15 reps
Set #1: 10 reps
Set #2: 8 reps
Set #3: 6 reps

Pull Ups
50 reps either straight through to 50 or in the least amount of sets
Barbell Bent Row - 15 Warm up with light weight for 15 reps
Set #1: 10 reps
Set #2: 8 reps
Set #3: 6 reps

Deadlift - Warm up with light weight for 15 reps
Set #1: 10 reps; with chain
Set #2: 8 reps; with chain
Set #3: 6 reps; with chain

Ab Crunch Machine
5 sets of 25 reps at 70 lbs

Working on some coding for this project in Computer Programming, I quickly realized it is getting late and I need to get my workout for the day.

Yesterday, I did my more athletic workout with weights.  It consisted of controlled movements with heavier weights.  I did 6 different exercises and 2 circuit routine of four exercises for the abs.  Remember kids, abs are really made in the kitchen.  Here is the layout for those of you that want to try it:

Warm Up Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Bench Press 10 reps 10 reps 8 reps 6 reps
Cable Rows 10 reps 10 reps 8 reps 6 reps
Warm Up Set 1
Incline Dumbbell Press 10 reps 10 reps
Dumbbell Row 10 reps 10 reps
Dips 10 reps 10 reps
Hammer Curls 10 reps 10 reps
Ab Circuit
Hanging Leg Raises 12 reps
Sit-Up 15
Russian Twist 15 reps
Modified V-Sit 15 reps

There you have it. I’ll post today’s after I do the workout. I’m going to post some links to some healthy recipes for you guys, too.

Well, this past weekend I was part of a wedding.  Being my first wedding as the main photographer, I was nervous, but I did my best.  I learned some valuable lessons and cannot wait for my next wedding!  I think this is what I am going to pursue full time, photography that is.  It is a passion and doesn’t even feel like a job.  Pray for me if you feel led to about my decision in this matter.  

As far as working out is concerned, I am going to leave you guys with my workout that I will be following.  It will be divided into three different workouts.  I will post each one before I begin the workout and then you guys can follow it if you want.  If you are an advanced weightlifter, you may find this to be a bit boring.  Try it if you like, but remember challenge yourself.

Workout A:


1 Minute of Jumping Jacks

20 Burpees

I always warm up with 1 set of 10 reps per exercise, too.

Exercises (Rest between 30 seconds to 1 minute between each set):

  1. Bench Press:  3 Sets (1:10, 2:8, 3:6)
  2. Seated Cable Row:  3 Sets (1:10, 2:8, 3:6)
  3. Dumbbell Incline Press:  2 Sets (1:10, 2:10)
  4. Dumbbell Bent Over Row:  2 Sets (1:10, 2:10)
  5. Dips (If not able to dip, Do dips on Bench for the Bench press): 2 sets (1:10, 2:10)
  6. Seated Hammer Curls: 2 Sets (1:10, 2:10)

Ab Circuit (No Rest Between exercises):

  1. Hanging Leg Raise (For Now, I am sticking with Knee-Up to chest.  I am not advanced enough for holding the leg straight and bringing it up yet.  If you can’t even do it hanging, try it on an incline bench holding onto a barbell and try to bring the knees up to the chest): 1 or 2 sets (1:15, 2:10-15)
  2. Curl-Up, or Sit-Up: 1 or 2 sets (1:15, 2:10-15)
  3. Russian Twist with a Weight in Hand: 1 or 2 sets (1:15, 2:10-15)
  4. V-Sit: 1 or 2 sets (1:15, 2:10-15)

Ten exercises.  Hopefully that is enough for some of you to get a nice workout.  For the weight lifting, I would suggest 45 seconds for rest in between sets and exercises.  The Ab Routine, you can do 1 or 2 sets per exercise, but this is meant as you can do all in one circuit (Circuit routine means no rest between exercises) and then repeat once you finish the last exercise.  If you do two circuits, make sure to at least get 30 seconds rest before starting back at the first exercise. 

If you happen to have any questions, ask me in my ask box or comment on this post.  I will try to help the best I can.  

I started off with two minutes of jumping jacks then went to work.  Pay attention to the notes on the exercises.

5 sets of 20 pushups  (Note:  I lowered myself slowly and exploded upwards to the starting position.  I took about a 2 second lowering counting one Mississippi, two Mississippi.)

5 sets of pull-ups (Note:  Again, I lowered myself counting the Mississippi way and then raised myself as fast as I could, or exploded upwards.)

Circuit for Abs (No Rest between exercises)

Flutter kicks: 20 reps

V-Sit up: 20 reps

Leg raises: 20 reps

Plank:  1 minute

Side Plank (each side): 30 seconds

Next week when I do this workout, I will up the circuit sets to doing two circuits of the exercises.  

Overall this was a pretty challenging workout especially since I had nothing in my stomach.  Some say that one should workout on an empty stomach, some say you should eat something.  I think if you are trying to put on mass like me, you need some kind of energy.  I hadn’t eaten at all so I was depleted of energy long before I started the workout.  I felt sick afterwards, which doesn’t usually happen.  Note to self, have something light before working out.  

God Bless you guys!  Jesus loves you!  And stay fit!

I did a nice workout.  Using slow controlled movements, I am easing my way back into weightlifting.  Here is the layout:

V-Crunches:  15 reps with 3 seconds lowering my legs and upperbody

Static Lunges:  15 reps per leg with 3 seconds lowering my body

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows:  15 reps with 3 seconds lowering the weight

Upright Row:  15 reps with 3 seconds lowering the weight

Situp:  15 reps with 5 seconds to raise body and 5 seconds to lower the body back to the ground

Bench Step:  15 reps alternating legs with 3 seconds lowering body

Single leg Calf raise:  15 reps per leg and 3 seconds lowering body

Dumbbell Pullover:  15 reps and 3 seconds lowering the weight

Dumbbell Bench Press:  15 reps and 3 seconds lowering the weight

Pushup hold:  15 reps with holding for 3 seconds at the bottom of the movement

Body Drag Curl:  15 reps with 3 second lowering of weight

Bent over Tricep Extension:  15 reps per arm with 3 second lowering of weight

The three second lowering of weight is hard to explain.  Think of doing the Dumbbell bench press; once you get to the top of the exercise, where you pushed all of the weight up, lower it 3 seconds back down to the starting position.  

For this exercise, I did more of a circuit routine.  I only allowed the rest to be as long as it took me to set up the weight for each exercise.  If it was just my body weight, I did not rest until after the exercise.  

Going to try and post more workouts soon!

Dream on!

Until the day I die.

Write your story!

Write your story!

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