This world is broken. My generation is broken. Everything seems to be falling apart at the seams. Why is there so much violence? Where is God? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why all of the discrimination? Why do we kill? Why do we judge homosexuals? Why do we hate some people based on their decision to follow a religion? Why does religion have to mean you are not intelligent or weak minded? Why are we here?

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself at times. I am a person observer. I observe people, obviously. One of the people I observe the most is myself. I find myself doing and saying things at times that seem to be ridiculous. You know how that goes, right? Those times you want to sound so wise beyond your years, but you let out a “Yeah, bro, I feel ya… I don’t know what to tell you, though”. That happens to me frequently. I feel like God could never use me for talking and communicating to people because of the previously mentioned situation and feeling like I can’t ever speak properly, like a speech impediment or something. I feel like people look at me like I am weird. I feel like people look at me like I am weak, too. They see me as just the goofy guy who is nice and can’t stand up for what I believe.

After observing this with myself, I have noticed many people feel this way. A lot of us feel like we are not good enough for anything great even though we want to do big things. We tend to not take the lead in a project because we feel so insecure with our abilities. I have also noticed that we get hurt along the way. We get hurt and beat down by what the world says we should do and be like.

I was asked the other day I was asked why do I think that sexual immorality is running rampant? Why do we have so many turning against God? I think it is something simple. Are you ready? The reason is love. Not because there is too much love, but this world lacks love.

(This will turn quickly into something of a more religious post, so if you are offended then stop reading here.)

What do I mean? I mean that we are all searching for acceptance and love. No matter what sexual preference you are or what profession you are into, you want acceptance. I have been accused of being gay because I am very friendly with everyone. Since when does being gay mean being friendly and loving towards people?

I think the way to change the world is to show love. Really accept people no matter what. That means everyone. That also does not mean to just roll over and take abuse from people. If they don’t want to accept love, then don’t mind them. Some people can’t accept love. Some people choose to not accept it and be violent or judgmental towards you. You can’t do much for that. Even Jesus couldn’t do anything in a city where no one believed in him. I don’t think that means that he COULD NOT. God gave us Free will. It means he knew his creation. He created us to make choices not to force us into his ruling like robots. If we didn’t accept him, he will be there when we want him.

With that said, if we show real love and acceptance, we will show the world God. After all, God is love.

The hardest thing we have to face is ourselves.

We tend to be creatures of habit, and a lot of the time we ignore the fact that our habit has taken us on a path in the direction we tried to avoid in the the first place. People will point and tell us that we are headed down the wrong path, and we just ignore them.

In fact, sometimes, we end up despising their opinions. We rebel. A lot of times, we realized before anyone said anything that something was wrong, that we were going the wrong way.

Only when we are in total desperation do we look at ourselves seriously, though. At that moment, we want to change. We want a better outcome than practically begging for love, food, and shelter. We want a better life than our parents. We want freedom. We don’t want to be on this path. Some of us look back and choose the good life like its a no brainer, but some of us beat ourselves up over making the stupid decisions we have made. We stay stuck on that spot on that path and not move anywhere. That is where I am currently residing, at a point of self depreciation.

I have to face myself. I have to face all of my mistakes. I have to face all of the people that do not appreciate my actions. I have to face all of the doubt in my abilities. I have to face my fears, ugliness, and black heart. I have to face everything that is wrong with me. Me, I have to do it. I don’t want to do it alone. I am ashamed of some of the stuff I have done in the past. I am angry at people who have used me after all I did for them. I am jealous of friends who seem to have a better life than I do because they have everything just “figured out”. The hardest part is facing all of this at one time.

I have news for you, though. I don’t have to face it alone. In fact, God doesn’t look at my bad decisions at all. If he doesn’t, why should I? He put his Son on this Earth to die for our sins, right? We could never be good enough for God. In fact, we can’t even be good enough for the world let alone God! God said, “I don’t care about your past.” Why do you think Jesus never asked the people who had something wrong with them, “Umm… did something happen in your childhood?” or “were you beaten in your previous relationship?” Because God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit only want what is now. They said don’t worry about the future for it has its own problems. If I don’t want to be that person that was walking down the wrong path, I just have to say “God, take me home. I will follow you, now.” I’m sure he would respond with something like “FINALLY!!! Now, let’s go this way!”

That will go on a mission trip with me.

By far one of the best rock songs I have heard in the past few years.  I don’t know why, but the video is just as good.

That knows how to find this identity:

1 + tan^2x = ?

Better yet, how about this identity:

Jesus + Her <3 = ?

That enjoys circuit board building.

Keep it simple, stupid.  So, I hope everyone is having a blessed day today!!!!

That wants to serve Jesus by being a servant to the broken.

That will lay her head on my chest and fall asleep with me.

That will make a cheesecake for me on my birthday.