There isn’t a better feeling than feeling alive. I feel this way when writing music, taking a photograph, and exercising, but when I feel the most alive is when I do all of these and able to communicate the love of God to someone through each activity. So, I am going to make it a goal to post on ever social network encouraging and loving things. Starting today here for posting my past week’s workouts. Counting today’s :). I hope however many of you tumblr peeps read this will gain some good insight on living a healthy and happy life.

Not that anyone on this site cares, but I am going on a photo-walk to get the creative juices flowing.  I am also looking to warm up the joints for the leg workout tonight.  I am going to post at least one or two of the pictures that I take up on here.  I am going to challenge myself, though.  I am thinking I am going to only shoot with my 85mm lens.  

Do you have a good shot from a recent shoot?

I cannot wait to share my wedding shoot with everyone.  It will all be complete tonight and I will upload and begin to work on them as soon as I get through with my workout after the wedding… late night workout doing what I love :). 

Anyway, God Bless everyone.  What are you doing for this weekend?

That will model for my photographs

Who doesn’t want to make a difference in the world?  Who wants to just sit on there butts from 8-5 until they retire and then die?  That sounds like a boring life to me.  I want to socialize.  I want to meet new people.  I want to bring hope to those that feel hopeless.  I felt hopeless for like the longest time when I was younger and music helped me so much, so I wanted to be a musician.  So far, it has not worked out, but I am not too worried about it.

I want to do what God wants me to do.  There are people in my life that have tried to give me advice, and I have taken it with a grain of salt.  They say music or photography is something you do on the side.  You do not have a real career with that.  Well, I guess the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Who, Creed, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, and many others have no real career.  I would also be willing to bet that Alberto Oviedo, the Bebbs, Ashley Lebedev, Jeremy Cowart, Scott Kelby, Trey Ratcliff, and Joey Lawrence would laugh at this saying.  

Of course, the previously mentioned people/bands have a special talent that the majority of the world does not have.  That is why they made it, but even they were told at one time in their life that they couldn’t make it big, right?  I would put 5 dollars on that.

Back to what my friends said.  I have the other end of the spectrum which are the friends that say go for your dreams.  Well, you know people have lived in this world without going for their “dreams”.  I mean if everyone had their “dream” I think Hollywood would be full of crappy actors.  Wait, it already is.  The music industry would have crappy music.  Ugh, same there.  The photography business would be full of terrible photographers.  No, just because your Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Jemima have a fancy camera doesn’t make them good.  I guess everyone is already going for their dreams.  

I just want to make a difference in the world, just like every young person I know. It starts out with making all the difference in one person’s world.  Again, I want to bring hope where hope is gone.  Correction, I want to bring God’s love where hope is gone.  Our generation needs a rebirth of Democracy and Freedom.  We need to take a stand.  Who is with me?

Well, today it is a tad bit gloomy outside.  The skies are gray, the air is cool, and the wind is a gentle breeze.  You would think it would be perfect for most people, but I love the sunshine!  Today would be great for a photoshoot, though!  I just do not have a vehicle or anyone to shoot.  I am just here organizing the living quarters and working more on my website for my photography business. 

Anyway, I just felt like posting this, not for sympathy, but as a daily reminder that I do have a lot to be thankful for.  I do have a roof over my head.  I have a family that loves me.  I am allowed to follow God with all of my heart and not get persecuted like they do in other countries.  I can freely express my opinion.  

It says in Matthew 6:25-34 to not worry about food, drink, and clothing.  God will provide.  That is a powerful message.  I think the most powerful part of it was asking in NIV “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”  You can’t add any time to your life by worrying so why worry?  Because it will help the situation?  That isn’t true either.  Worrying does more harm than good.  I need to follow this myself!  I need to stop worrying!  I need to concentrate on today’s problems and not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has its own huge problems that will hinder my progress today.  

I guess it is about time for me to get off here.  I should write a new “I Want A Woman” post, though.  Jesus loves you all!

The link is also in the left hand corner of my blog under Photography Facebook Page. I have posted up some new albums.

Well, I finished my business card design and got those ordered.  I am going into a full-fledged photography business.  I am excited yet terrified at the thought because I have heard about many photographers having to resort to McDonald’s or something like that to pay their bills.  Thank goodness for my education, right?  

I know many people are wondering what kind of photography business.  Engagement, weddings, and couples.  I will probably venture off and do some athletic shoots and fashion shoots, but couples will be the meat and potatoes of my photography.  I find it beautiful!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  If you are in school and facing finals, just do not worry about it.  Deal with studying in the present.  Anyone else facing hardships, it will get better.  Trust God!  Jesus said that if God takes care of the birds, how will he not take care of you?  He gave the birds the food on this Earth and the materials to build their nests.  He will give you the means for getting yourself out of whatever rut, but you have to use the materials and work for it.  You just need faith that He will provide!

I should probably follow that, too.  I feel like if I didn’t reach anyone on here, I at least gave a word from God to myself!  I know I have struggled with not trusting God plenty of times.  Anyway, remember God is not mad at you no matter what!  Jesus loves you, and if you need to talk just hit me up.  I will try my best to answer your questions!


Hi :)

Photographed by Adam Ebner

A photograph I took of my friend Kim. Follow her at kimberleyntd

So, I have two new links located at the top of my blog.  One is my PhotoBlog and the other is my Facebook Page for my Photography.  I will be adding a fitness link soon with a blog about my fitness coming with workouts and healthy eating tips. 

Also in the works, is a Youtube Channel for those of you that want to cook healthy foods. These foods will mostly be for the people with allergies such as myself and my significant other (just a fancy way of saying girlfriend).  We always say, “if you can feed people with allergies, you can feed anyone!”

Last but not least, I am thinking about making a new theme for this Tumblr.  I am not a graphic designer, but I figured I could dabble a little bit into designing a tumblr blog.  What do you guys think?