Well, I haven’t done such a hot job with keeping this thing up to date.  I hurt myself about a week ago doing some squats.  I had like a sharp pain from the back of my head spread all over like a massive headache and it pretty much put me on my face in my gym.  No one knew exactly what was wrong since I had perfect form.  I may not have warmed up properly.  Needless to say, that doesn’t stop me.

Yesterday I tried some calisthenics, and it felt great! Here is the layout for those of you that may care :)

I ran a mile to warm up then

Circuit 1 repeated 4 times:

15 pushups

10 dips

4 pull-ups

Circuit 2 repeated 4 times:

10 Sit ups on the monkey bars

10 Leg raises

I plan on doing more calisthenics mixed with my weights since bodyweight is great to strength train with, too!

Also, I ran a mile back to my house.  I did some sprints in between, too.

One of these days I will post a picture of my progress.

I hope that helps some of you maybe make your own routine.  God Bless!