To find God’s Will, you have to stop looking at what you are good at in this world. Sometimes when we are good at something we don’t look up to God for his direction because we have our own way and can provide our own way. God wants us to rely on him. It isn’t because God is just a power hungry being. It isn’t because he wants to control us. He gave us free will. He wanted us to want him. He didn’t want to make robots. He wanted beings that would make their own decision to want to be with him. He wanted a relationship with us.

God doesn’t want to hide his will from our life. He isn’t trying to make it absolutely difficult for us to live life in his will. His will is so much better than anything that we could think of doing with our lives. Why would he want to keep it away from us?

Think of it like this: If you are a Parent or pet owner, there are things you have to give your little ones to make their life better and safer. Now, your little ones may think it isn’t good because it seems painful or stupid, but you know it will help them. That is how God is with us.

Finding His will is just looking to him all day every day, don’t get into self doubt, and study his word. Those are the key things in finding God’s will. I am still working on them, but I’m getting better at it everyday. God is amazing. Don’t give up on him because you have this preconceived notion from the world that he is just a big bad meanie and takes lives. Discover him for yourself! Study his word and see what he is really about. Read the Bible like it is a letter to you personally. God is trying to tell you about life and give you advice.

God Bless

That will go on a mission trip with me.

That wants to serve Jesus by being a servant to the broken.

That will make a cheesecake for me on my birthday.

That will throw a surprise birthday party for me.

That will study with me.

That will go to Sunday Evening service with me :).

That will not break up with me because I have had a financial problem.

That is willing to fight for us as much as I am.

That is there for me at all times, not just when I am succeeding.